Can Hearing Aids Save Your Marriage?

The physical, mental and psychological effects of hearing loss in Plano are well-documented. Rarely discussed is the toll a hearing impairment can take on your marriage. Many a Texas couple has fought over accusations that their partner doesn’t listen to them, but in reality, it’s possible they simply can’t hear them!

Is it Hearing Loss or a Deeper Rift?

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Hearing loss is a widespread condition not only in Plano, but across the country, affecting an estimated 48 million Americans. It’s the third most common chronic physical health condition, trailing only arthritis and heart disease. The belief that hearing impairment is confined to the elderly is a misconception; it can strike people of all ages and is often the result of exposure to noise. Even if your spouse is a decade or two away from qualifying for an AARP membership, it’s very possible that they are having trouble hearing you – and they might not even realize it! Because hearing loss develops gradually and the brain automatically compensates, the condition often goes unrecognized for years.

To determine whether your better half isn’t really your “better” half or if they may be suffering from impaired hearing, the following signs indicate you shouldn’t be quite so eager to banish them to the proverbial doghouse just yet:

  • They frequently asking you to repeat yourself
  • They complain that other people mumble when they speak
  • They find holding a conversation when background noise is present to be difficult
  • They watch TV or listen to music with the volume turned up uncomfortably high

If you suspect your partner is suffering from hearing loss, quit looking for a divorce lawyer and make an appointment with an audiologist in Plano instead. The sooner their condition is diagnosed, the more likely you two are to be celebrating that silver wedding anniversary together!

The key to your long-term marriage success just might be hearing aids. These devices are a boon to couples everywhere who feel ignored – and, of course, they help improve the quality of life for the vast majority of patients with hearing loss! Studies indicate the biggest benefit appears to be in the users’ social lives – this includes relationships! No marriage is perfect, but when hearing loss is contributing to your relationship woes, hearing aids might just be the solution to keep you together for the long haul.

For more information on hearing loss in Plano, or to discuss options for hearing aids, schedule an appointment with your local audiologist as soon as possible.

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