Hearing Aids Are Getting Smarter

Advances in technology, fueled by AI and other digital breakthroughs, have led to a wide range of smart devices.

Consumers in Plano can buy smart lightbulbs, thermostats, security cameras and more. Fans of “The Terminator” might view these modern devices with trepidation, but we’re all in favor of things that make life easier and more convenient. Hearing aids are already benefiting from new technology.

How Technology is Improving Hearing Aids

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Few would argue that hearing aids improve the lives of patients with hearing loss in Plano and across the U.S. They enable people to hear more easily and communicate more effectively, allowing them to participate in social activities and enjoy their favorite pastimes.

In addition, hearing aid help prevent some of the health complications associated with untreated hearing loss—a list that includes depression, anxiety, cognitive impairment and physical conditions like diabetes and kidney disease.

Hearing aids have changed drastically over the years as analog gave way to digital technology—and every year, they improve even more.

Recent hearing aid innovations

The biggest innovations in hearing aid technology in recent years include:

  • Audio streaming. Wireless technology has made it possible to connect Bluetooth®-enabled devices like smartphones and TVs directly to your hearing aids, allowing you to stream audio to one or both hearing aids. Sound is controlled through a phone app, enabling you to operate your hearing aids easily and conveniently. Multiple devices can be connected, ensuring you won’t miss a phone call while listening to music or watching television.
  • Smart home connectivity. Hearing aids are joining the list of smart home devices thanks to a software platform called IFTTT, which takes advantage of a wireless connection to sync internet-enabled devices, automating many everyday functions. Smart hearing aids allow sounds such as spoken notifications or chimes to be delivered directly to the wearer—but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Hearing aids can be synced with devices such as bedroom lights and coffeemakers, enabling the user to turn these devices on or off whenever their hearing aids are powered up.
  • AI health monitoring. Artificial intelligence is seeping its way into many aspects of our daily lives, and hearing aids are no exception. Some manufacturers are integrating sensors and AI into their products, enabling them to monitor the user’s physical and mental health. Apps can track different aspects of your health such as daily steps, social engagement, and active listening to deliver an overall wellness score. These sensors may also be able to detect when you have fallen, and automatically alert emergency contacts that have been programmed. Additional measurements, such as heart rate monitoring, will be available in the near future.

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