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The free exam offered gave me an opportunity to have my hearing checked. I was glad that I took the offer, the doctor did not make me feel as if I was a “free” patient and conducted a proper hearing test. I was informed about my condition and what I need to take care. Thanks.

Only the wait time was somewhat discomforting! Not a complaint, just pointing out.

She listened to me and help me understand my hearing loss and what I needed to hear better.

Dr Sharp and Ms Bloomer are extremely couteous and nice, while showing the highest knowledge and professionalism. their patience in answering all my questions has been very much appreciated. And the hearing aids are wonderful. I’d like to show them off to family and friends, but nobody notices!

Dr Sharp’s knowledge and professionalism has guided me to enjoy better hearing.

Gave a thorough presentation of options available and an excellent follow-up. Received very professional fitting and analysis of my hearing.

by David A. of Plano, TX on Sharp Hearing The Audiology Center

Dr Sharp is a wonderful, caring person who provides the best care she can for her patients. She listens to you and makes recommendations that increase the quality of life for her patients. I have been to other audiologists and ENTs for my hearing issues and at no time did they ever take the time or show the concern that Dr Sharp did. I admit, due to past experiences, I was reluctant to visit Dr Sharp. Once I was there, she immediately put me at ease, tested and diagnosed my hearing, and prescribed hearing aids that helped improve my hearing. She doesn’t just prescribe hearing aids, she has you back to make adjustments as time goes to ensure you can hear with quality and precision. I highly recommend Dr Sharp.

They’re not noticeable. I don’t think anyone’s going to pick up on the fact that you’re wearing the hearing aids.

by Bobbi M. of Plano, TX on Sharp Hearing The Audiology Center

Both Dr. Sharp and Lainie are very considerate and easy to talk to. Both are extremely friendly while being professional.

I can’t imagine living without the hearing aids.

I highly recommend SHARP HEARING. Dr Sharpe is an excellent doctor and her audiology her audiology center, as far as I’m concerned, is al an excellent facility.

by Dave R. of Grand Prairie, TX on Sharp Hearing The Audiology Center

They were patient and clear with me.

What she did was find the right ones for me. That’s what’s important.

I am so much more comfortable around my friends, nos. I don’t have to keep asking what had just been said. Now that I hear well, I am enjoying being with others. My aids are very light weight, very comfortable. Once I put them on in the morning, I forget about them until I take them out at night.

My life has changed dramatically. I want to let people know how happy I am with the results of my new hearing aids.

I am very pleased and satisfied with the serviced I received and expertise of Dr. Sharp. I would highly recommend her to anybody. I am a very satisfied patient.

She explained everything to me. She got me the best price and the best hearing aids.